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Case Study | Gingin Landfill, Doolee Constructions

Dust Suppression Solutions

Doolee Construction were selected by M8 Sustainable (M8S) as their contractor to develop their maiden landfill project located just outside of Gingin.

Requirements & Challenges

Doolee scope includes bulk earthworks, road construction, sealing, cell lining, pipework along with weighbridge, site offices and other associated facilities. With strict city and state regulations around the control of dust onsite, Doolee were needing a new standpipe as part of a wider truck fill dust suppression strategy.

Being a remote project, located just outside Gin Gin, Doolee needed a standpipe package they could move around quickly and safely, and relocate to the next site when finished.

With poor water quality, Doolee also required a water management package and standpipe that would be corrosion resistant – steel would not have been suitable for this site.

An Ideal Solution

Francis Lee, Doolee’s Construction Director contacted Liquimech to source a solution.

Liquimech was able to deliver a full dust suppression package including HDPE standpipe, pipe floats and pump.

The ease of installation and relocation of the Liquimech’s patented standpipe addressed the need for movement throughout the site and to further sites. 

Because of the corrosion-resistant properties of the HDPE, the Liquimech Standpipe was able to handle the rough water quality and tough conditions of the remote site.

The Results

Liquimech reached out to Francis to see how the project is going.

“The standpipe is working well, going good. The pump allows for fast truck fill, all comes down to the size of the pump – bigger pump = faster flow”

The Liquimech Experience

How did you find the Liquimech customer experience?

“Quick turnaround – rang Ryan, and the pump only took 2 or 3 days to get sorted.”

Response to customer requirements?

“I contacted Ryan, and straight away he sorted out the gear and got it out here, so it was good customer service.

Thank you Doolee Constructions.

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Ansh Arshavin
Ansh Arshavin
Harry Fawkes
Harry Fawkes
We have been dealing with Liquimech since they started out, and they have never let us down. With both our companies being Australian owned and operated, our values align perfectly, we pride ourselves in manufacturing high quality Australian Made products. I highly recommend Liquimech and wouldn’t think to go anywhere else, appreciate all you have done and look forward to what is to come! From the DomeShelter™ Australia Team
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