Case Study | QLD Sand Mine

A well respected and established Sand mine based on the coast, north of Brisbane QLD approached Liquimech with an issue that was not only eroding OPEX budget, but personnel resources were also being wasted.

As a wet mine (using dredges), water and water use is an integral part of the operation – without water the operation grinds to a halt & therefore needs to be managed effectively.

Current Situation

The site had aging infrastructure with steel pipes, use of galvanised foot valves and 44 gallon drums as floatation devices. The foot valves were being changed out on average every 6 weeks due to the high saline content and the abrasive nature of the environment. This was not only expensive to procure new units every 6 weeks, stores had to hold stock due to the unreliable fail times. It was a very poor use of personnel’s time, creating an OPEX pain point.

Liquimech consultants were contacted to see if we could help. The scope was as follows.

  • Reliable solution – fit and forget.
  • Able to withstand the high abrasion characteristics
  • Withstand highly saline water.
  • Low profile design to ensure water in shallow depressions could be used effectively
  • Plug and Play Package.
  • Lightweight to assist with installation.

Once the scope had been finalised our engineering team was tasked with fulfilling all of our client’s requirements.

The Outcome

Complete design, engineering, flow calculations and fabrication of low profile custom-built foot valves, sizing of pipe spooling and floatation devices including delivery to site.

The foot valves were a hybrid combination of HDPE, Specialised wear-resistant Rubber Coated Stainless steel and 316L stainless steel fixings. The selected floats were of LLDPE construction also with stainless steel fixings. All spools were of HDPE construction including stainless steel fixings and backing rings.

The system has been in place for over 6 months with no issues and still looks like the day it was installed. Already, it has lasted 10 X longer than the previous system.

Does your sand mine site have similar challenges? Our team can help. Contact Liquimech today.

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