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Liquid Dangerous Goods & chemicals are often required on mine, civil & industrial site to assist in processing activities or keeping heavy machinery moving such as grease and lube. Storage of Liquid Dangerous Goods & Chemical Storage must comply with very stringent regulations and statutory requirements to ensure safe use and dispensing of harmful liquid substances. Predominately Liquid Goods are stored in Dangerous goods containers or DG Containers with a bunded base to contain any spills. Dangerous Goods containers and specially modified containers to allow IBC Storage, Chemical Drums & Lube Storage.

DG Container

Dangerous Good Containers

Dangerous Good containers are required to be properly vented and set up to ensure the safety of personnel and environment. For the safe dispensing of lube and oils for heavy machinery, Lube dispensing containers including sophisticated dispensing equipment are used. Lube & oil dispensing stations can include new and waste oil, ensuring ease of use, safety of personnel and the environment. As worksites often move in mining and civil markets relocatable oil & lube dispensing systems are an excellent way to remain compliant, safe and protect both the environment and the liquid product.

Liquid Dangerous Goods & chemical storage is a complex issue and requires expert input to ensure the correct equipment is supplied and is a fit-for-purpose solution. Talk to the team at Liquimech today.

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