Here at Liquimech, our values are a big part of who we are. They influence all our decisions, from who makes up our team, the standard of product we create, and the processes we design for our customers. Focusing on and enforcing these values consistently produces strength, efficiency and inclusiveness, and that is reinforced visually in our logo – the Liquimech Hexagon.

Are you interested in some super interesting facts behind what our hexagon logo represents?

In short, the hexagon shape is Strong, Efficient, and Inclusive. 

The Hexagon shape was chosen for a number of reasons.

It is synonymous with strength – it is the molecule shape of graphite. Graphite is the Mineral of Extremes, extremely resistant to heat, however soft (it cleaves with light pressure). This relates to Liquimech’s strength in the most extreme of circumstances while remaining soft enough to be supportive.

Under extreme heat and pressure, graphite converts to diamond. Here at Liquimech, we’d like to think we also perform better under pressure! Our team has a deep understanding of operating in remote areas of Australia, so tough conditions and incredibly harsh environments aren’t a problem for us – it’s where the magic happens.

It represents efficiency. Why do bees use hexagons in the construction of their beehives? Simple answer – packing efficiency. If a series of circles were packed on top of each other, there would be empty spaces in between them. But these empty spaces can be avoided by changing the shape to a hexagon. So, the hexagon allows the bees to pack the most cells in the smallest space. A hunger for efficiency runs deep in the Liquimech team, hence our tagline, “Driving Bottom Line Efficiencies through Innovative Engineering”.

It really describes our team and how we value inclusion. How? Well, the strongest shape individually is a triangle, which the hexagon is made up of – equal triangles. This represents the Liquimech team, strong individuals coming together in equality working towards the same goal. So basically, if you work for Liquimech, you are a strong and supportive member (triangle), coming together with your colleagues to form a team (hexagon) that’s efficient, strong, and gets better under pressure.

What about inside the hexagon?
The red in our logo actually depicts a reclaiming bucket used in mining, showing our connection and experience in heavy industry.

And the “drop of water” shape in the middle?
Our commitment to the environment and to saving our most precious resource, water.

Our Ecosystem – Liquimech’s commitments
If you’re into engineering (like us), you’ll know that when a hexagon is joined it is commonly known as the strongest join. The way that 120º angles distribute forces against 2 of the hexagon sides makes it a very stable and mechanically efficient structure.

This is similar to the way we view our ecosystem. At Liquimech we have found that to ensure continued success we need a strong commitment to all areas of our ecosystem to hold that join fast. Our commitments are shown in that way in the following graphic.

Why Choose Liquimech?


Liquimech understands your business and business objectives; we are committed to excellence and focus on building long-lasting relationships with our clients. We don’t just supply products and services; we take you through the entire process.
Liquimech provides end-to-end support from design, sourcing, manufacture, hand-over, and ongoing support and maintenance.


Our Packaged Bespoke Solutions are built to handle any challenge – custom designed and extensively tested.

Quality Control

We take the necessary steps in ensuring that our clients receive high-quality products.

Satisfied Customers

With Satisfied customers big and small in our portfolio.

After Sales and Field Support

Our job does not end when your project leaves the workshop, we also operate an extensive aftersales service

At Liquimech, we believe there is nothing more powerful than our clients’ words of satisfaction

Check out our Client’s Testimonials on Recent Projects below.

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