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Pipe floats, hose floats & Cable floats are used in the dredging, mining and marine applications in applications as their title would suggest, the floatation of hoses, pipe & cable. Hose float collars are attached to piping to provide support and to ensure a consistent level. Pipe Floats & Hose Floats although are the same solution it is important to understand that “pipe” is usually a standard item and has a consistent outer diameter whilst hose varies a lot between manufacturers and the process in which the hose was manufactured.


Pipe Floats

Predominantly pipe floats Australia utilise standard HDPE outer diameters as the ID of pipe float sizing. HDPE Pipe floats are required less often on the line being floated due to the buoyant properties of HDPE pipe. It is important when procuring LLDPE Pipe floats you take into consideration pumped liquid specific gravity (SG) and the quality of superior pipe floats. PE Pipe floats are also commonly used as steel pipe floats or steel pipe floaters.  LDPE pipe floats are designed and engineered for many applications including floating HDPE pipe, dredge lines, pump suction lines and strainers, fuel lines, hose, and pipe.

PE pipe floats are an easy to install solution that allows pipes to bend and flex, while maintaining low resistance to waves, wind and current. Regardless of the application you will need to provide an SG ( Specific Gravity) of the liquid being pumped to allow correct spacing of your pipe & hose float.

Hose Floats

Hose floats or floatation devices used provide buoyancy to mining or dredging hose are attached to the hose in the same fashion HDPE pipe floats are. Hose Float Collars are generally supplied with bolt kits to suit the application in which they will be used, these include Galvanised, Stainless Steel and for excessively harsh applications GRP fastener kits are used. PE hose floats are required a lot closer together than HDPE pipe floats to achieve the same result, due the heavy and non-buoyant properties of hose. Manufactured floating hose or self-floating hose is also an option for applications where hose is to be used in an application where it is required to float a consistent level however, tends to be a very expensive option. When sizing hose floaters it is important to contact the desired manufacturer of the hose and acquire the Outside Diameter (OD), Inside Diameter (ID) and also weight per metre to allow engineers to correctly size the hosefloat for your application.  


Cable Floats

Cable Floats are used to float electrical cable to a pontoon mounted pump set or wire cables intended to hold a pipeline or structure in place. Electrical cable floats minimise risk & reduce power drop. Power cable floats keep the power cable visible as well as reduce the length of cable required. Wire cable floats are used in a similar manner, to ensure the wire cable is visible.

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