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Customised solutions to your liquid management challenges.

"We design tailored solutions for your liquid management projects so you can complete them on time and within budget."

Our Australian-based team understands your business and its objectives; we are committed to excellence and focus on building quality equipment that can help maximize efficiency all with a focus on safety. We don’t just supply equipment and services; we take you through the entire process.
Providing end-to-end support from design, sourcing, manufacturing, hand-over, and ongoing support and maintenance.


Our Fully Customised Products are built to handle any challenge. Manufacturing in Australia also removes any supply and delivery time issues.

Maximise Efficiency

Our products save you time and money by being tailored to your project.

Tier 1 Products

Our products are used on many of Australia’s Tier 1 mining companies’ sites & are trusted by many of the biggest brands in Civil, Mining & Agriculture.

Solution Focussed

If your project has come across a road block, Liquimech's engineers are experienced in designing & manufacturing a custom solution.

Brands we've worked with

Does your project have a problem?
Liquimech has the solution.

Liquimech works alongside leading brands in mining, agriculture, and civil works to deliver equipment that’s custom-built to overcome any liquid management issue. Complete your project on time, within budget all the while maximizing safety on-site and minimising blowouts.

Improving site safety, efficiency and success

Our Process

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Innovative Thinking

The team at Liquimech develops custom solutions for many leading mining, civil and agricultural businesses with the goal to minimize their operational downtime. Our engineers work to meet unique operational and technical requirements so your team can complete their project on time and within budget.

Our solutions not only help make your worksite safer and cheaper but they also help maximise profits.

Clever Engineering

Our engineers are highly skilled at designing solutions to fit your operational and technical problems. Having the ability to customise our products means that you get receive an exact solution rather than trying to use an “off-the-shelf” stock-standard product for something it wasn’t intended for.

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Smart Solutions

All our products are engineered to meet all work site specifications and safety standards. It’s not only important that all our solutions are safe but by designing safer products your team don’t require as many licenses, saving you money and time away from work. 

Our solutions are also designed to ensure the operator can perform the task at hand quicker, less often, or not at all.

Find The Solution To Your Operational Problem

Most Popular Equipment

Underground Dewatering Systems

Liquimech Sediment Tanks are manufactured to withstand the rigours of life on site and the harsh environment they are used in.


For all your overhead water truck fill needs & one of our most popular products.

Dust Supression Systems

These units are built to handle any challenge- designed and extensively tested to ensure they perform, even in the harshest and most remote environments.

Access Systems

Liquimech walkovers are designed and engineered to provide safe access over and around pipework.

Interested in our equipment but can't find exactly what you're after?

Liquimech’s completely customisable solutions are engineered for purpose with second to none operational efficiency. Therefore, if you don’t see exactly what you need we invite you to talk to us about your project and its requirements.

Liquimech specialises in solutions that have the safety & efficiency of the user at the forefront, so we assure you that whatever you need, we can help.

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