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Bulk Liquid Static Storage

Range Of Bulk Liquid Static Storage

Bulk Liquid Static Storage

Bulk Liquid Storage systems have a wide variety of uses including Static Bulk Water Storage for civil sites, a Site Tank for storage of potable water for a camp, used as a break tank on a mine site or a Transportable water tank for a moving site such as a rail or fly camp. Bulk Liquid storage containers predominately range from 4KL units up to 70KL units in one unit.

Individual Fluid Storage Tanks can generally be coupled up to facilitate larger volumes of liquid. A form of Bulk Liquid Storage Tanks or as often referred to as Container Tanks due to either utilising a shipping container or utilising the same footprint complete with container locks, Lined Shipping Containers can come in a variety of forms including tanks coupled inside a container, a lining of a modified container or a prefabricated liner attached to the inside. Shipping Container Tanks tend to be on the larger size of the spectrum with the smallest available approximately 15,000L of storage in a similar footprint to a 10ft container and the largest in one single unit approximately 77KL and similar dimensions to a 45ft container.


Portable Potable Water Tanks

Another form of Bulk Liquid Storage are what are known as Portable Potable Water Tanks or Portable Pressure Tank Systems these units are normally of a smaller variety where only limited water is required for an example an amenity block such as shower, toilet and ablutions buildings. These systems are often coupled with filtration systems and pressure pump combinations to enable a “plug & play” solution. These units are by far the most mobile in the Bulk Water Storage Family with fork pockets and crane lifting eyes and their relatively small footprints. Portable Pressure Tank Systems are generally supplied in sizes from 1,000L – 14,000L and predominantly for the supply of Potable water.

With a large range of Bulk Liquid Storage units available for use across a multitude of industries including, Mining, civil construction, drilling, accommodation and public events. Talk to the team to size the perfect option for your application.


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