Cyclone Rated Standpipes

Cyclone-rated standpipes are engineered for resilience in extreme conditions, withstanding winds that would otherwise bend or knock down regular ones.
Maximize Efficiency
Improved Safety
Fully Customisable

Patent# PCT/AU2021/051110
Our Cyclone Rated Standpipes are built to handle any challenge- designed and extensively tested to ensure they perform, even in the harshest and most remote environments. Whatever the application, from metropolitan road projects to the harshest of mining applications, these units can be adapted to fit your unique requirements. Clever, reliable, robust user-friendly solutions.


Patented by Liquimech, these standpipes are available in 6 standard sizes.

  • 4.2M
  • 4.8M
  • 5.2M
  • 6.5M
  • 8.5M allowing for a 6 x 4 water cart up to a 789 tanker.


Assembled in less than fifteen minutes, thanks to Liquimech’s proprietary patented folding design. No need for personnel to be working under suspended loads or use of EWP’s to install, minimising risk. Perfect for use in any application from metropolitan road projects to the harshest of mining.

Rapid & Safe Deployment

Rapid deployment means Liquimech stand-pipes are perfect for civil, mining and industrial projects where the worksite continues to move throughout the duration.

  • Easily moved with integrated fork pocket and rated lifting eyes.
  • Assembled in less than fifteen minutes, thanks to Liquimech’s proprietary patented folding design.
  • No need for personnel to be working under suspended loads or use of EWP’s to install, minimising risk.
  • Modularised to enable the standard unit to be easily adapted to work in high wind zones as per AS/NZS1170.


Liquimech J stands sport a super strong and robust construction designed and developed as always, through our core mantra’s of Increased Safety, Increased Productivity, Decreased Downtime and Savings on Operational Costs.


Manufactured to handle the harshest of environments which our hard-working Australians find themselves in, there are a number of hard-wearing and tough finishes and materials to choose from. From Hot Dip galvanised, Duplex coated, stainless Steel and HDPE constructions Liquimech has a unit to suit any requirement.

Customised Standpipe Solutions for Your Unique Needs

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Cyclone Rated Standpipes

Cyclone-rated stand pipes are robust vital components of liquid management infrastructure, designed to withstand nature’s toughest challenges. Engineered to endure the ferocious winds and torrential rains of cyclones, these standpipes from Liquimech offer unparalleled resilience and reliability for industries where bulk liquid storage, dewatering excavation sites, water treatment, and more are essential.

Unlike their conventional counterparts, cyclone-rated standpipes are purpose-built to withstand the punishing conditions of violent storms and other adverse weather disturbances. They are fortified with reinforced materials, carefully crafted to withstand the relentless onslaught of wind, water, and debris. Furthermore, anchoring mechanisms, like corrosion-resistant ballast structures, are strategically integrated to fortify their foundations. This prevents structural failures induced by dynamic uplift and lateral forces characteristic of cyclones.

Compliance with Safety Standards

Verified by third-party certification, Liquimech Overhead fill points are officially rated to withstand tropical cyclone conditions experienced in Australia and New Zealand. For mining, construction, and heavy-duty industrial applications in cyclone-prone regions of these countries, these overhead truck fill solutions are vital components of their industrial safety infrastructure.

You can rest assured that Liquimech’s cyclone-rated standpipes adhere rigorously to Australia’s safety standards, including the esteemed AS/NZS 1170. This comprehensive standard ensures that our standpipes meet and exceed the stringent criteria set forth for structural design and engineering in cyclone-prone regions.

AS/NZS 1170:2002 is the Australian and New Zealand safety standard that outlines the structural design process comprehensively. It covers design procedures, references to design actions from other parts of the series, action combinations, robust detailing guidelines, and analytical methods. It also limits design confirmation procedures and addresses the usage of special studies and experimental testing.

Tough Construction

Liquimech’s cyclone-rated standpipes boast sealed connections and fittings, protecting the internal components against water infiltration during heavy rainfall or flooding. This thorough attention to detail ensures smooth functionality, even amidst the most adverse weather conditions. Wherever your worksite may be, you can count on Liquimech to provide customised water truck fill point solutions that can withstand the rigours of harsh environments and weather conditions.

Tailored Solutions

From sun-scorched deserts to storm-battered coasts, Liquimech’s cyclone-rated standpipes exemplify reliability and durability. They are tailored for the unique challenges posed by Australia’s diverse landscapes, especially suited for regions such as the Northern Territory and Western Australia, where tropical cyclones are a recurrent occurrence. With overhead water truck fill points standing tall and operating in the face of nature’s assault, worksites can ensure the continuity of vital water supplies.

Disaster Preparedness

For engineers tasked with safeguarding critical infrastructure in industries such as mining, construction, and agriculture, our cyclone-rated stand pipes are indispensable during disasters. With their proven structural integrity in the face of a storm’s unrelenting winds, these over head water truck fill points ensure operational continuity at the work site.

In case of disaster relief, Liquimech standpipes can be used to fill water carts with potable water. With our patented foldable solution, truck fill points can be deployed to sites with difficult terrains and assembled in less than 15 minutes. What’s more, it can be crane-lifted and carried to different destinations that require aid.

Choose resilience. Choose reliability. Choose Liquimech’s cyclone-rated standpipes for liquid management solutions that withstand the test of time and nature’s might.


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